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Roberto D'Elia

Isidoros Papadamou


Ragnar Thorsteinsen


This OM model guitar is made with a carpathian spruce top from you, and sounds (in my humble opinion) very, very good. I appreciate the high level of service from your company, and the high quality of the woods delivered. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Ragnar
Ragnar Thorsteinsen
Guitar maker

Stuart Day

Carpathian Tonewoods was easy to deal with. Responsive to requests for photos and pricing and quick to ship once payment was made. The wood I received was spectacular. I had been looking for new sources of maple for my arch top guitars as north American maples seemed to be getting heavier and heavier. The Maple I got from Catalin was beautiful and had a great strength to weight ratio. Good specific gravity and was a joy to work. I will be buying from them again
Stuart Day
Custom Guitars & Guitar Repairs

Jarmo Vaintola

Lappeenranta, Finland

Maple back and sides are beautiful, I am very happy with it. It was easy to choose my favorit pieces of tops, backs and sides from your web pages. The service was good, well packaged and quick delivery.
Jarmo Vaintola

Alexandru Marian

Alexandru Marian

Carl Le Noir

Oudenaarde, Belgium

I was happy like a little kid in a candystore when I received my first order . It was well selected wood from an outstanding quality at a very reasonable price and a quick delivery as well . I appreciate it also that every item has a picture , so you know exactly what you will receive .Job well done !!
Carl Le Noir
Guitar maker

Suguru Nakashima

Fukuoka, Japan

When tonewoods arrived, I was surprised at the goodness of the sound quality. I could find my favorite tonewoods selecting from many photos. I will also buy from Carpathian Tonewood
Suguru Nakashima

Geronimo Mateos e Hijos

Thanks to CarpatianToneWood, Catalin ,his owner, is always really handy when we want to choose and buy the best woods for our instruments , very hight quality of spruce and maple and the sound of his timber is just fabulous, best prices from the best source! Don’t hesitate to buy, never disappointed! Luthier Federico Mateos
Geronimo Mateos
Constructores de Guitarras Artesanales

Gilles Rolland

Oncy Sur Ecole, France

Catalin does his best to find and grade good spruce. No run out and very stiff!
Gilles Rolland
Luthier amateur (pour le moment)

4 thoughts on “Customers

  1. My first purchase and thank you for the service!

  2. I had a wonderful chance to visit Carpathian Tonewoods and select wood myself! Got five cello neck blanks, big enough for double bass neck grafts. Later I asked the owner, Mr Catalin Murgoci, if he could cut me wood for double bass bassbars and neckblocks. Everything was delivered fast, well packed, very good wood indeed. It was very nice to see where my wood comes from, the magnificent Transylvanian mountains. It was also good to learn how hard work it is to find the best logs, maybe only a few out of thousands are qualified. We luthiers can pick up great wood for a great price from Carpathian Tonewood by internet! But go and select the wood yourself, I can really recommend that!

  3. I’ve just purchased material for double bass: spruce top, curly maple neck and poplar back and sides.
    The quality is really good, and Catalin has been most helpful.
    I ll sure work again with you.
    Thumbs up for carpathian tonewood

  4. We are quite satisfied with the tonewood we purchased from Carpathian Tonewood. They are very responsive to questions, and their assistance was invaluable. The wood itself was exactly as described, but do not hesitate to place an order – this is an active store and the piece you want may be sold if you wait too long to decide. Fortunately they have a good inventory of materials so there is usually something suitable available. If you do not see what you desire, make sure you contact them with your requirements. Highly recommended by me and my fellow luthiers. We are already planning our next orders.

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